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Gastrodia Original Juice(Liquid) Extract

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Gastrodia Original Juice(Liquid) Extract (immune&anti-fatigue) 


Product Name : Gangwon Gastrodia Elata BL Juice


  - Special hard carton box

  - Unit : 30(or 60) pouches (70ml)


Gastrodia Elata BL belongs to the Orchidaceous family, and is also called "Jeongpoongcho" or "Jeokcheon" in Korea. It was described as the best medicine for cerebrovascular diseases in "Bonchogangmok"(the best ancient medical book in Korea), a traditional Korean botanical list. It is highly effective for such cerebral diseases as headache,insomnia, stroke, hypertension, dementia, depression, and stress, and particularly effective for gastric diseases, diabetes,hepatic sclerosis, food poisoning, cardiovascular disease, paralysis, and numbness of hands and feet. This product comes in neat pouches and is made of juice extracts containing Gastrodia Elata BL's effective ingredients, with no additives. Available at a highly affordable price,it is the winner of the 13th Gangwon-province Tourism Souvenir Contest. 


This product is made from Gastrodia Elata coming from a best clean area of Choncheon, Gangwon-province. Gangwon-province's Gastrodia Elata is famous for its strong medicinal properties and effects because Gangwon has a wide range. Gastrodia Elata can be harvested only during the season so it can’t be taken continuously. In addition, it has a low ratio of absorption and those who have a pampered taste or children have difficulties in taking it. However, it is portable and easily edible so it is enjoyed by children or students preparing for exams a lot. Especially, Gastrodia Elata BL Original Juice Gold Plus is made from powdered effective ingredients extracted from Gastrodia Elata. so it is completely absorbed to the body. It helps children or students preparing for exams have clean brains and concentrate themselves so they can make good academic results. Gastrodia Elata tastes bitter, sour, hot, salty, or pungent, depending on physical constitution. It is good for the purpose of keeping healthy or curing. 




What is the Gastrodia Elata BL ? 


a. Chiness character name : Chunma, sooyangwoo

b. Name as herbal medicine : GASTRODIA RIHZOMA

c. Scientific name Gastrodia Elata BL

d. Origin

Gastrodia Elata BL was no named because the folk wisdom holds that it dropped from sky arid treating "Mamok" ( paralyzing symptom) : the "Chun" means "sky" and "Ma"means "Mamok“.

Gastrodia Elata BL is a higher plant belonging tothe orchidaceous family of the order Liliales.

It was named "Gastrodia Elata BL" to mean that it was a fine root-lacking jute dropped from the sky.

Gastrodia Elata BL is the best medicine for cerebral diseases. It is mysteriously effective for headache, insomnia, cerebral hemorrhage,hypertension, dementia, depression and stress.

It is also highly effective for various diseases, such as gastric disease,hepatic sclerosis, diabetes, food poisoning, herniated discs, leukemia, and cancer.

A researcher who studied GastrodiaElata BL for 30 years described that Gastrodia Elata BL, if used properly, is as effective as wild ginseng.

This researcher added that all diseases should be easily cured, cure should not accompany pain, cure should cost little money, and recurrence should not occur. The researcher further asserted that Gastrodia Elata BL is the right candidate for such purposes.

 e. The Effects of Gastrodia Elata BL

  1) It keeps the body and mind healthy by providing nutrition, thereby improving sexual function.It also strengthens muscle andbone, and increases physical strength.It is good for chronic fatigue and nervous breakdown.

  2) It is effective for cerebral diseases,such as cerebral hemorrhage and stroke, and highly effective for such cerebrovascular diseases as depression and dementia.

  3) It can lower the risk of circulatory diseases,such as hypertension. and reduces cholesterol level.

  4) It can effectively provide relief from stress and dizziness caused by cerebral arteriosclerosis or a weak constitution. It is also effectivefor migraine caused by Dam and Seup.Epilepsy, muscle spasm, numbnessof hands and feet, paralysis, hemiplegia, and alleviation of pain. 




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Gastrodia Original Juice-Liquid- Extract

Gastrodia Original Juice-Liquid- Extract

Gastrodia Original Juice-Liquid- Extract

Gastrodia Original Juice-Liquid- Extract